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Handheld saw

We don't cut corners, unless it's in your concrete.

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Handheld and Chain Sawing

Hand sawing and chain sawing is the way concrete is cut in tight spaces or to detail the work done by large saws. The hand saw can cut through concrete, brick, concrete pipes and manholes. The lighter weight saws are more portable and cost-effective for small jobs.


Our chain sawing service allows us to cut square corners without over-cuts. Over-cuts can compromise the structure and integrity of the concrete and are aesthetically unwanted. Crown Concrete Cutting & Coring LLC has all the equipment needed to make the cuts your project requires.

We take great pride in meeting your custom needs as precisely as possible. While we have the heavy equipment needed for large operations, we also have the tools for tight spots and cutting small holes.


We also have the training and experience to successfully complete jobs to your satisfaction. Call to discuss our competitive pricing rates.

Precision Cuts to Your Specifications

handheld saw