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We're a company headquartered in Indianapolis whose owners have 45+ years of combined experience. Each of our field operators has three to thirty years of experience. Each employee is part of the MICCS substance abuse program and are certified in the 10-hour or 30-hour OSHA training. We emphasize safety while using our expertise to safely cut or core your concrete, asphalt, brick and block.


Whether our customer is a resident needing work on a basement remodel or a municipality needing work on their streets, they will receive our professional approach. Your complete satisfaction is our goal.

  • Diesel Slab Sawing - Capable of cutting concrete and asphalt up to 18” deep

  • Diesel Slab Sawing with Scrubber - For use in areas with limited ventilation, capable of cutting 18” deep

  • Electric Slab Sawing - For use in areas with limited ventilation, capable of cutting 15” deep

  • Hydraulic Slab Sawing - For use in areas with limited ventilation, capable of cutting 24” deep

  • Control Joint Cutting - For control joints: 1/8”, 3/16”, ¼”, 3/8” and 1/2” wide

  • Detector Loops - Wide cuts in concrete and asphalt

  • Horizontal Curb Cutting - Sawing curbs horizontally to the street for new driveway approaches and handicap ramps

  • Hydraulic and Electric Hand Sawing - Cutting in tight areas where access prohibits use of larger equipment, capable of cutting 10” deep (floors or walls)

  • Wall Sawing - Capable of cutting up to 24” deep from one side.  For door, window and mechanical openings in concrete, masonry or stone walls

  • Chain Sawing - Available for small openings and to eliminate overcuts when necessary

  • Electric and Hydraulic Core Drills - Capable of drilling ½” to 52” diameter (including some ½ inch sizes) for circular openings required for plumbing, electrical, mechanical, manhole taps, test cores, bumper posts, and fence posts. (have access to larger size core bits through our supplier)

  • Miscellaneous Concrete Demolition and Removal - Capable of concrete removal for slab or wall section cut outs.  Also have miscellaneous equipment for smaller concrete demolition projects

  • Floor Grinding - Diamond tools are an ideal way to smooth out bumps and trip hazards in concrete floors

  • Wire Sawing - Wire sawing is a flexible sawing technique that can be used to cut large, expansive areas. It is used for difficult cuts in remote, restricted or hazardous locations. Capable of cutting virtually unlimited concrete thickness

  • Concrete Removal & Pour Backs - Crown Concrete Cutting & Coring LLC can be your one-stop shop, providing saw cutting, concrete removal and pour backs on any-sized project.  

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Our Concrete Cutting Services: